Two Colombian cities are in the Top-10 favorites in Central and South Americ

Two of Colombia's cities emerged triumphant in the ranking of Favorite Cities in Central and South America of The World's Best Awards, presented by the tourism magazine Travel + Leisure (T+L).

This study, based on the opinion of travelers, revealed that Colombian jewels were among the 10 best towns on the continent to explore, conquering the admiration and hearts of tourists with their landscapes and history.

The second place of honor was achieved by Cartagena, which stood out with a score of 85.99 points, only surpassed by Cuzco (Peru), with 87.78 units.

La Heroica's victory came as no surprise to those who experienced the unique blend of its beaches and captivating historical heritage it offers. From its centuries-old walls to its cobbled alleys, the port city on the Caribbean coast stands as a destination that invites visitors to witness all the landscapes and gastronomic wealth it has.

However, glory was not only for Cartagena. The Colombian capital, Bogotá, also achieved a prominent place on the coveted list, with tenth place and a score of 82.45. The city on the Cundiboyacense plateau was praised by tourists, who highlighted its attractive cultural offering.

The comprehensive classification of the most prominent cities in the region, according to the opinion of T+L readers, showed the variability and cultural richness of South America. From the grandeur of Cuzco, which occupied the privileged position, to the Colombian capital in tenth place, each town exhibited its unique attraction, which captured the attention of international visitors.

Cuzco (Peru): 87.78.

Cartagena (Colombia): 85.99.

Sao Paulo (Brazil): 85.41.

Quito (Ecuador): 85.05.

City of Buenos Aires (Argentina): 84.83.

Mendoza (Argentina): 84.79.

Antigua Guatemala (Guatemala): 84.15.

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): 83.89.

Lima (Peru): 82.66.

Bogotá (Colombia): 82.45.

The methodology used by T+L, based on the direct voice of travelers with 685,000 votes, underlined the authenticity and relevance of the classification.

These are some places to visit in Cartagena

In the historical charm of Cartagena de Indias, in the tourist epicenter is the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas: a fortress that stands as the most relevant site in the city. Its preserved architecture, the panoramic views it offers and its rich history position it as a stop on the journey through La Heroica.

Beyond the old city, the Getsemaní neighborhood emerges as the most modern and vibrant enclave of Cartagena. This place has street art, a varied gastronomic offer and different accommodations.

For its part, the archipelago of the Rosario Islands, made up of paradises of white sand and crystal clear waters, rose as an unavoidable tourist magnet. Playa Blanca, on Isla Barú, emerges as the jewel on the mainland, with calm waters and clear sands that eclipse the urban beaches of Cartagena.

Get to know the places to visit in Bogotá

Cerro de Montserrate is the perfect place to look at the entire city from above. Located about 3,100 meters above sea level, this point in the capital offers panoramic views of Bogotá.

In addition to this site, the capital of the Republic is home to other must-see tourist places that reveal the cultural and historical wealth of the city, among them is the La Candelaria neighborhood, with its narrow streets and colonial architecture. This district was declared an asset of historical and cultural interest by the national government.

Meanwhile, the Gold Museum, another Bogotá treasure, exhibits the largest collection of pre-Hispanic goldsmithing and pottery in the world. With more than 35,000 pieces of this metal and 25,000 of other materials, this museum transports the ancient indigenous cultures that populated the region.

And finally, the Botero Museum, dedicated to the famous Antioquian artist Fernando Botero, who died on September 15, 2023, offers a unique look at Boteroism: a distinctive artistic style that stands out for its exaltation of three-dimensional volumetry. With 208 works, including its own version of The Mona Lisa, this museum is an essential stop for lovers of contemporary art.