In the charming setting of Cartagena, emerges an architectural icon that redefines
luxury and comfort by the sea. Invictvs, an apartment project that impresses not only with its imposing height of 188 meters but also with the amenities it offers, taking the beach living experience to a completely new level.

At Invictvs, you'll be greeted by a myriad of entertainment and relaxation options that challenge any previous standard. What makes this project so special? Here we
present the top 5 most relevant amenities that will leave you breathless:

1. Climbing Wall: For those seeking adventure and excitement, Invictvs will
feature a top-notch climbing wall. Imagine scaling heights while enjoying a
panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea. It will be a unique experience that
combines adrenaline with the natural beauty of Cartagena.

2. Double-Level Pool: Immerse yourself in luxury with Invictvs' double-level pool.
With its crystal-clear waters and innovative design, this pool will invite you to
relax under the sun while contemplating the endless ocean horizon. It's the
perfect place to refresh after a day of work or to enjoy a moment of peace

3. Gym: Staying in shape has never been as enjoyable as in the Invictvs gym.
Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, this space will motivate you to
achieve your fitness goals while immersing yourself in the relaxing and
stimulating environment offered by the marine surroundings.

4. Jacuzzis: Indulgence reaches new heights at Invictvs with its outdoor
jacuzzis. Here you can immerse yourself in warm waters while relaxing under
the starry sky of Cartagena. It's the ideal place to disconnect from daily stress
and let yourself be carried away by a sense of peace and well-being.

5. Boxing Ring: For those looking to release tension and challenge their physical
limits, Invictvs will offer a fully equipped boxing ring. Whether you're looking to
improve your technique or simply enjoy an intense training session, this space
will give you the opportunity to push yourself while immersing yourself in an
atmosphere of energy and determination.