La Bodeguita wharf will be enabled for the departure of the first Magdalena River cruise ship

The mayor of Cartagena, Dumek Turbay Paz, announced in front of the governor of Bolivar, Yamil Arana, and representatives of Metropolitan Touring (cruise company), that he will enable the Bodeguita Pier for the cruise ship crossing the Magdalena River to embark and disembark in the city, right at the headquarters of the Tourism Corporation, Corpoturismo.

"This great project fills us with excitement and pride, but we were worried that Cartagena could not be there. That is why we have authorized the Tourism Corporation to define, in agreement with the firm that is promoting this cruise on the Magdalena River, to embark and disembark at the Bodeguita Pier at the headquarters of Corpoturismo," said Mayor Turbay

For the governor of Bolivar, Yamil Arana, who leads this project, in this way the consolidation of tourism in Bolivar continues to move forward to publicize the great attractions, gastronomy and cultural riches in the towns of the department, along with these new allies, so he thanked the president of the Cartagena for his contribution to this great project.

"Another great achievement in this process, so that the Magdalena River has its cruises and can tour and visit our towns in Bolivar. Thanks to the mayor for this great news," expressed the governor.

The governor recalled that once the first cruise ship leaves Cartagena, it will make stops in the municipalities of Calamar, Magangué, the District of Mompox and Zambrano. There will also be a station entering the Canal del Dique, in the village of Gambote (Arjona), from there they will go to San Basilio de Palenque, one of the most emblematic towns of Bolivar and with a great historical and gastronomic richness.

The first Magdalena River cruise is expected to arrive in the city on November 9th.