Cartagena de Indias, a city in constant development

Cartagena is a historical and cultural city that goes beyond being a relic of the past; it is in constant transformation to embrace modernity. This evolution is reflected in the investments that will be allocated to public projects, highlighting the commitment of its rulers to sustainable development and improving the quality of life of both local residents and visitors.

To consolidate this progress, the District Council has earmarked approximately $600 billion pesos to promote various projects that will transform the city's infrastructure and services. From the restoration of historic monuments to the modernization of urban areas, these investments seek to preserve the authenticity of the city while incorporating innovations that position it as a cutting-edge tourist destination.

Within the allocated budget, the Mayor's Office of Cartagena informed that $38 billion will be allocated to the city's security, the improvement of video surveillance systems and the acquisition of motorcycles to strengthen the security quadrants.

Likewise, the largest investment in infrastructure in recent times will be made with a budget of $120 billion. These resources will be used for the construction of the Gran Malecón del Mar, 200 streets, four new bridges in the city, and the recovery of canals and lagoons. In addition, the creation of the Creative and Innovation District in the Manga neighborhood.

With this new project, the District of Cartagena expects to recover some of the city's traditional parks such as the Solar Clock, Las Botas Viejas and Luis F. Vélez, and the construction of new recreational spaces such as the Chambacú Sports Complex, which includes soccer fields, multiple courts, a bio-healthy park, children's recreation areas, spaces for pets and trails that will connect with the Espíritu del Manglar Park. For this they will have $50 billion pesos of the total budget. 

In this way Cartagena not only evolves in terms of infrastructure, but also nurtures its cultural identity, becoming a beacon of modernity that respects and values its past. A growing tourist destination, where each experience is woven between history, modernity, nature and local friendliness, creating a balance between the old and the new.